Your customers are in Slack, but your team is in Zendesk. You know creating a Zendesk ticket for each Slack conversation is a non-starter, but dividing the work between the team, making sure nothing is missed, getting account history, reports, and data from the CRM is impossible in Slack. With Foqal's Zendesk/Slack integration, manage all of your Slack conversations from across all of your customer channels while getting all the powerful features of Zendesk - all through Foqal!

Available Actions

Add Connection

Attaches a Foqal ticket to a Zendesk ticket

Add note to a ticket

Adds a note to a ticket

Add tags to a ticket

Adds a tags to a ticket

Assign to group

Assigns the ticket to a group

Assign to user

Assigns an existing ticket to a user.

Create Ticket

Create a ticket.

Create a User

Creates a user

Edit Ticket

Assigns fields to a ticket.

Ensure the user exists

Looks to see if the user exists. If the user does not exist, creates a new user.

Find a user

Finds a user by email address

Get Current Ticket Id

If Foqal has already created a ticket, this returns the ticket id.

Get Field Value

Gets the value of a field.

Remove Connection

Removes any connection that the current Foqal ticket has attached to the ticket.

Remove tags from a ticket

Removes tags from a ticket

Set Custom Field Value

Sets the value of a custom field.

Set Form Type

Sets the type of form

Set Priority

Sets the ticket priority

Set Ticket Type

Sets the type of ticket.

Set the brand

Updates a ticket setting the associated brand

Set the subject

Sets the subject of the ticket

Update Status

Updates the ticket status