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Agent centralizes all your support requests from email, chat, and shared or private Slack channels and gives you amazing operational tools like ticketing and reporting, to give your customers that human touch. All while your customers live in Slack.

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Divide the work

By having a centralized queue, your team can divide all support requests

Peace of mind

By ticketing every question, no customer interaction is ever lost or forgotten


We help you understand not only your team, but also your customer

Centralize to Divide

In the B2B world, the most beloved support channel by customers is Slack. But for you, it's an operational nightmare - managing all those Slack channels while adding email and web chats, all without a centralized queue is enough to have a meltdown.

With Agent, not only do you get a single, centralized queue, of private Slack channels, shared Slack channels, web chats, and email, your team can divide and assign the work between themselves.

And with our Hub and Spoke feature, your agents and your customers don't even have to be on the same Slack workspace. Have your customers in your public open Slack workspace chatting with your agents in your internal corporate Slack workspace.

Get Centralized

Peace of mind

A centralized queue doesn't help if your team misses requests or forgets to follow up. Forgetting followup and missing requests is one of the biggest causes of frustrations for both customers and your team.

With Agent, all questions are ticketed and stay in your team's queue until they respond and manually close the ticket. If the customer follows up, Agent automatically reopens the ticket and routes it back to your team. This makes it impossible for your team to miss even a single message.

Want to see how things are going? Run reports directly from Agent or through our Google Data Studio Integration. Understand not only your employees, but get unique insights on your customers.

Get Peace of mind

Build Customer Love

So your team has become rock stars at helping customers with inbound support, but there are just a couple more things to configure before building real customer love.

Customize Agent to use your own branding, logos, and introduction messages. When Agent sends messages to customers it personalizes on behalf of the team member that sent it or your company brand.
By using customer notes, you can remember specifics details about each and every customer and refer to them in future conversations. Did you customer Maria just buy a new house? Now you can remember to ask about it.
Stay proactive by sending personalized announcements, requests, and updates at scale. This lets you communicate changes to the system, and encourages customers to engage as the message is tailored to them.
But how do you know your building true customer love? With our integrated CES, CSAT, or NPS style feedback mechanism, we will tell you exactly what customers really think about their support from you and help find issues if any negative feedback occurs.
Create Customer Love

"Customers love having Slack as a support tool. Having Agent just makes sense"

Akash Ganapathi
Solutions Team Lead at JupiterOne
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"Feels now like Slack is a viable support option that we can commit to, where before it felt like a liability"

Ben Robertson
Engineering Manager, Customer Success, Gatsby
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"Because of Foqal, I'm gathering data [Airspace] never had access to before"

Alyssa Dyas
Product Support Manager at Airspace
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"Foqal has allowed us to maximize how we communicate with our customers. Before Foqal, we were using email and experienced communication gaps that would lead to bad customer experiences. Foqal has given us an ability to stay on top of any support request from high value customers, whether that be a COVID diagnostic lab or a world class sequencing company."

Ethan Jones
Technical Support Manager at Opentrons

"Foqal helps me get a streamline view on my customers and resources and helps me bring the most critical customer issues directly into the view of me and my team."

Michelle Fogwell and Anthony Rozario
Support Manager and Support Engineer and CodeFresh
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Support Channels

  • Private/Shared Slack Channels
  • Email
  • Web Chat


  • Hub + Spoke
  • Announcements
  • Customization
  • Feedback (CSAT, CES, NPS)
  • Notes & Tags


  • Zendesk
  • Atlassian
  • Salesforce
  • Service Now
  • ...and more


  • In-app reporting
  • Google Data Studio Integration


  • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • 12 hours a day, 5 days a week


Includes everything in Base plus

Enterprise Support

  • Dedicated 24/7, 365 Support
  • SLA Guarantees
  • 5min average first reply for emergencies