"Feels now like Slack is a viable support option that we can commit to, where before it felt like a liability"

Ben Robertson
Global Director of Technical Support and Customer Success, Netlify
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"Because of Foqal, I'm gathering data [Airspace] never had access to before"

Alyssa Dyas
Product Support Manager at Airspace
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"Foqal has allowed us to maximize how we communicate with our customers. Before Foqal, we were using email and experienced communication gaps that would lead to bad customer experiences. Foqal has given us an ability to stay on top of any support request from high value customers, whether that be a COVID diagnostic lab or a world class sequencing company."

Ethan Jones
Technical Support Manager at Opentrons

"Foqal helps me get a streamline view on my customers and resources and helps me bring the most critical customer issues directly into the view of me and my team."

Michelle Fogwell and Anthony Rozario
Support Manager and Support Engineer and CodeFresh
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Image showing multiple ways to open a service ticket

No Onboarding Required: Slack IT Help Desk

Teaching your employees to message IT Help Desk requests to a specific bot, in a specific way, at a specific time is impossible. Foqal Agent gives your customers multiple, self-explanatory ways to make requests, so you never have to think about onboarding users to a platform again. All tickets simply appear in the queue - no education required.

Its very simple - set up a channel in Slack, install Agent, and setup the Agent Channel Menu. A big button appears at the bottom of the channel inviting users to engage and create requests. No matter what happens in the channel, the bar will always be at the bottom.
Let's face it, no matter how simple you make it to create requests, some users will simply direct message your team. With Agent, your team can convert any channel or direct message into a ticket simply by clicking on it in Slack.
Having a conversation with an employee in a public channel and they happen to mention something you want to track? Click on any message on any channel, convert it into a ticket, assign it to someone, and keep the conversation going.
Are employees used to the legacy approach of using emojis to create tickets? Well we extend that approach - use a 🎫  to create a ticket, ️‍🔥 to make it a top priority, and a ❤️ to assign it to yourself. Do it all together in one workflow, or customized to do whatever you want, custom emoji actions help you get it done.

IT Help Desk Deflection

60% of your IT Help Desk tickets are software approvals, hardware provisioning, on/offboarding users, and general questions. Foqal Agent provides multiple ways to help your users get answers to their questions, onboard to applications, or get new hardware automatically - without your team's intervention.
  • Foqal's AI learns from your conversations and articles to answer questions before notifying your team
  • Foqal saves time by automating password reset, MFA Reset, software provisioning, hardware provisioning, onboarding, etc
  • Foqal's powerful dashboard helps you to understand how your deflection is performing, and how much time you just saved.

One Umbrella

Bring all of the teams and departments together under a single platform, whether its approval requests for IT, benefits questions for HR, expense reports for Finance, Foqal Agent has a workflow for each of your use cases.

Custom Forms

Do you require a lot of context to understand the customer's concern? Does triaging a question take too many follow up questions? With custom forms, you can get all the context form the customer before engaging your agents.


We know that most of your requests require some approval - new hardware, software access, etc. By integrating with your IDP, Foqal will identify who should approve the request, send the approval request directly in Slack, and only engage your agents for provisioning if required.

IT Help Desk Integrations

When an employee needs access to Salesforce, do you have to manually provision anything? Create a workflow that finds the employees manager in your HRIS, automatically requests approval, and provisions the user in Okta or OneLogin once approved.

Want to use a 3rd party ticketing system like Zendesk or Service Now to keep track of requests? Use our integration to automatically create tickets in Zendesk, ServiceNow, or Jira Service Desk. Once you respond to the ticket in the 3rd party system, Agent will route that response directly to the requestor in the original Slack thread.

Want to know how many requests come in per office, team, or job function? Want to know how many issues you had with that one specific piece of software? Use integrations to find information about the requestor then use Google Data Studio to run complex reports, and understand who is making the most requests, the types of requests being made, and how to best target automation to deflect the most amount of tickets.
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Support Channels

  • Slack
  • Email


  • Approval Workflows
  • Custom Fields
  • Customization
  • Feedback (CSAT, CES, NPS)
  • Notes & Tags


  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Workato
  • Zapier
  • Jamf, Better Cloud, Google, BambooHR,
    any many more to come...


  • Google Data Studio Integration


  • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • 12 hours a day, 5 days a week


Includes everything in Base plus


  • Zendesk
  • Atlassian
  • Salesforce
  • Service Now
  • ...and more


  • Dedicated 24/7, 365 Support