Alyssa Dyas

Alyssa is the Production Support Manager at Airspace - who is creating the most trusted delivery network the world has ever seen. Alyssa and her team have been using Agent to support her internal customers since April of 2021.

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"Because of Foqal, I'm gathering data [Airspace] never had access to before... my boss loves it"

~Alyssa Dyas

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Within the first day of using Foqal Agent, Alyssa set up her entire workflow, reports, and a set of custom fields. After a few weeks of categorizing tickets, she discovered an interesting pattern - 51% of all reported issues where coming from just one part of her product. This allowed her and team to sprint into action, quickly identify the bugs and features, and come up with an action plan to reduce the cause of these tickets going forward.

Before Agent, getting this data was simply impossible. Before, Alyssa manually updated a big Spreadsheet containing the history of all requests. This was not only inaccurate, but also impossible to scale, and contained only a fraction of the types of data Agent is able to give you out of the box. With Agent, Alyssa is able to categorize each ticket with fine grained precision very quickly and using multiple different factors. She says "we are able to take quantifiable data and make actionable use cases from it to drive the product."

Understand your data

Focused efforts

After finding that 51% of all requests where regarding the same component, Alyssa was able to focus development efforts on solving the bugs and prioritizing the feature requests regarding that component.

Her team has gotten the entire workflow down to a science. In one week, Alyssa was able to triage and categorize 4 unique bugs. Her team quickly categorize them, grouped them, and got a fixed deployed into production.

Now that she is able to focus efforts in the short term, her next goal is using data to help with quarterly planning. Her plan is to use the data insights captured through Foqal Agent to propose and prioritize the biggest requests for next quarter and have data to justify them.

Start focusing your efforts

Grow the team

Alyssa identified that Monday and Wednesday were generally most busy, so the team plans less other types of work on those days. She identified the number of requests on the weekend would warrant dedicated support time - so she shifted the team schedule to support the weekends. Finally, she understood that 6am to 6pm Pacific time was just not going to be enough and started hiring support in Europe to help cover the US Pacific night shift.

But how did she justify changing the team's schedule and hiring a new employee to her leadership? She simply shared the reports and insights she gained directly from Foqal Agent.

So what is next? Alyssa says this is going to be huge for "building the team out as we expand internationally"

‍One of the interesting side-effects of using Foqal Agent was the chance to grow the team. Using Agent, Alyssa understood not only which days have the most requests, but which timezones or hours of day needs the most support.

Grow your team

"This is going to be huge to determine where the needs are Monday through Friday"

~Alyssa Dyas

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