Open Jobs

Here are the currently open jobs. Chat with us to get more information and submit your resume on our Linkedin page.

Account Executive

Do you know exactly what a customer needs before they even tell you about it? We want to talk to you! We are looking to build out an awesome Sales/Customer Love team.


Do you spend more time thinking about how to write code or get rid of legacy code? Have you thought - man this code is not right, and simply fixed it? Is code quality and security the only blockers in iterating faster?


Can you talk to someone you never met and get them as excited you without ever coming in contact? Can you create content that lives on inside the hearts of our potential customers?

Remote-first workforce

Do you like working from home, seeing your family on a regular basis, and making your own hours. Foqal is 100% remote-first workforce - meaning you never have to go to an office, because we don't really have one to go to. Don't like working from home, don't worry we will figure something out.