Service in Slack makes users happy

Try Foqal for 30 days and your customers and employees will be jumping for joy (if you could see them). Foqal is a Slack-native ticketing, workflow automation and channel management solution.

Using Foqal to manage IT/HR requests or customer support in Slack is a sure way to increase user satisfaction. With our seamless integrations to Zendesk, Salesforce and Intercom, you’ll have an end-to-end experience everyone will love.

Trying Foqal is easy

It's easy to install the 30 day trial. Submit the form and Foqal will ask permission to install in your Slack Workspace. Once installed, you'll get a Slack to finish the setup.
“Andela increased CSAT to 99% and reduced cost per ticket by 83% with Foqal”
Sarah Seiwert, Sr Community Support Manager, Andela
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