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7 Paths to Customer Service Delight in Slack

Kevin Cox

Transforming User Engagement in Slack with Seamless Service Experiences

Imagine a world where your users can access instant support, express service preferences through multiple channels, and receive prompt attention regardless of how they engage. With Foqal, this delightful customer service reality becomes a seamless part of your Slack or Microsoft Teams workflow.

Foqal is a complete ticketing, workflow and channel solution for scaling user engagement in Slack whether you are using it for internal IT and HR requests or white glove tech support.  Giving your users real-time access to your services is a sure way to increase their satisfaction.  With Foqal’s seamless integrations to major CRMs like Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, ServiceNow, you’re able to provide an end-to-end real-time service experience.

Beyond Ticketing: 7 Paths to Service Delight

Forget clunky ticketing systems; Foqal empowers users with seven intuitive ways to reach your service team:

Path #1: Threaded Mode

Every message exchange automatically becomes a tracked ticket, ensuring no request slips through the cracks, even with high channel volume. Customize SLAs for first response and resolution times, letting users rest assured that their needs are prioritized.

Path #2: Emoji Magic

Foqal emoji magic ticket creation

Users can simply add a designated emoji to any conversation to instantly convert it into a ticket. Seamless integration with Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, and ServiceNow provides total visibility across your service channels, while allowing you to benchmark performance for continuous improvement.

Path #3: DM the Foqal Agent 

DM the Foqal agent ticket creation

The ever-present Foqal Agent can be easily summoned by typing @Agent–just as you would type the name of a co-worker during a Slack chat.  The Foqal Agent intelligent routing system, powered by content tags and custom forms, directs each request to the best-suited agent, workflow automation, or even the geographically closest service center, ensuring quick and efficient resolution.

Path #4: Hit the Ticket button in the Foqal Agent 

Hit the Ticket button in the Foqal Agent

Besides DMing the Foqal Agent you can also visit it in the Slack sidebar to raise a ticket.  Just hit the “New Ticket” button and voilà satisfaction! Tickets can be set to trigger Workflows for approvals, password resets and a multitude of actions in 3rd party applications that Foqal has integrated.

Path #5: Floating Agent bar

Craete ticket with Floating Agent bar

At the bottom of every Slack channel dialog, you’ll find the floating Fowal Agent bar providing an easy-to-find and prominent way to make a service request. Foqal is so intuitive and easy to use that users typically can start using it with little to no advance training.  Accelerating any transition to real-time service operations in Slack or even Microsoft Teams.

Path #6: Slack Context Menu

Hover over any message in a channel, DM, group message, to open the More action Slack Context Menu where you can select “Create a Ticket”.  Foqal can be set for deflection mode where it will intelligently match the service request against your knowledge base to recommend immediate solutions back to the user.

Path #7: Slack Keyboard Shortcut 

Create ticket with Slack Keyboard Shortcut 

Slack power users will greatly appreciate this path.  It leverages the native “Slack keyboard shortcuts” menu.  User have to type “/create a ticket” to receive a popup window for completing their service request.  

Exceeding Expectations is What Foqal Does

Customer delight is the process of exceeding a customer's expectations to create a positive experience with your product or brand. Delight is about providing a remarkable experience to users through focusing on their needs, interests, and wishes. With Foqal not only are you able to automate approval workflows and even execution of service delivery, it provides an amazing platform for users to express their service preference through multiple interfaces and channels that suit their style of working.  Foqal will exceed your users expectations to their delight, while simultaneously reducing and streamlining your total service operations footprint to the delight of managers and agents alike.  Foqal provides a garden of delights for your entire company.

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