"Customers love having Slack as a support tool. Having Agent just makes sense"

Akash Ganapathi
Solutions Team Lead at JupiterOne
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"Feels now like Slack is a viable support option that we can commit to, where before it felt like a liability"

Ben Robertson
Engineering Manager, Customer Success, Gatsby
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"Because of Foqal, I'm gathering data [Airspace] never had access to before"

Alyssa Dyas
Product Support Manager at Airspace
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"Foqal has allowed us to maximize how we communicate with our customers. Before Foqal, we were using email and experienced communication gaps that would lead to bad customer experiences. Foqal has given us an ability to stay on top of any support request from high value customers, whether that be a COVID diagnostic lab or a world class sequencing company."

Ethan Jones
Technical Support Manager at Opentrons

"Foqal helps me get a streamline view on my customers and resources and helps me bring the most critical customer issues directly into the view of me and my team."

Michelle Fogwell and Anthony Rozario
Support Manager and Support Engineer and CodeFresh
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Ticket Creation
Foqal offers 7 ways for users to create a ticket.
No user education required.

Have to teach users to add emojis or direct message a bot.
Recommended Approach
Foqal floating bar sits at the bottom of a channel and invites uses to create a request. No user education required.

Using Emoji
Ticket Types
Foqal configures public or private tickets based on ticket type or channel. Create public requests for IT and private requests for HR.
All tickets public
Emoji Actions
Foqal can assign actions to emojis, i.e., configure ⚡ to make a ticket urgent directly from the thread.
No custom actions
Foqal brings your Slack, Email, Web Chat into conversational support operations.

Request Types

Custom Fields
Foqal offers custom field options for text, choice, url, etc...

Some competitors only allow text, some have other types
Conditional Fields
Foqal display solution choices based on previous ticket resolutions. It displays fields based on your workflow or logic.

No conditional field logic
Foqal will initiate automations through integrations based on type of customer request.

No automation or basic automation


Approval Workflows
Foqal automatically looks up managers to send approval request in Slack.

Not included or some have approvals through email
Automated Ticket Routing for Queues & Teams
Foqal automatically routes tickets to any number of Queues & Teams based on request type or channel.

1 queue for the Slack workspace
AI-Based Deflection
Foqal pulls in articles from different sources to automatically answer questions directly in Slack.

Searches for articles and returns a link
Service Level Objectives & Agreements
Foqal has highly customizable SLAs for different severity levels, configurable for each channel.

Limited SLA integration
Hours of Operation
Foqal displays a different type of response whether you are in the office or out of office.

Not commonly a feature
Message Retention in Slack and free Slack accounts
Once a Foqal ticket is created, you never lose it. Even if the actual Slack message is deleted due to retention policies or free Slack accounts.

Lose tickets due to message retention policies


Foqal has bi-directional integration with systems of record to create tickets and updates as well as back into Slack.

One way ticket integration
Single Sign-On, Identity Provider
Foqal looks up employee information, managers, or kick-off password resets, and other actions directly without having to go into Okta or One Login.

Not included
Start a Zapier, Workato, or Integromat workflow directly from Foqal.

Not included


Slack Connect (shared channel) to Slack with Foqal directly or Email.

Boutique Benefit
Foqal works directly with you to understand what your needs are and often add features or improvements to fit your unique workflow.

No new features, Halp discontinued on June 4, 2024
Service-Level Agreement
Foqal offers signed SLA s

Not included

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