Efficient Customer Support: Zendesk-Slack Integration with Foqal

Seamless Zendesk-Slack integration is possible with Foqal. Stop wasting the time and effort of having your service agents manually create Zendesk tickets from each Slack request. Foqal streamlines your service desk operations in for Slack saving customers and user frustrations whiie saving agents time and effort. Foqal is an official technology partner of Zendesk and you can find our solution in the Zendesk Marketplace.

With Foqal, your agents can seamlessly interact with customers in Slack from their Zendesk Workspace.

Foqal provides up 7 different ways that your customers, users and agents can initiate a ticket in Slack that will seamlessly populate to your Zendesk system.

You can present input forms in Slack that sync to your Zendesk forms saving agents from cutting and pasting.

Efficiently send mass notifications to channels and even specific tags for product updates, service outages...

And it increases managers visibility of the end-to-end experience by integrating the data of the Slack experience in your Zendesk dashboards.

With the Foqal Zendesk-Slack integration, you can manage all of your Slack conversations from across all of your customer channels while getting all the powerful features of Zendesk.

Available Actions

Add Connection

Attaches a Foqal ticket to a Zendesk ticket

Add note to a ticket

Adds a note to a ticket

Add tags to a ticket

Adds a tags to a ticket

Assign to group

Assigns the ticket to a group

Assign to user

Assigns an existing ticket to a user.

Create Ticket Only

Simply creates a new ticket in Zendesk but does not establish a bi-directional synchronization

Create Ticket and Connect

Creates a ticket and establishes a bi-directional connection with it.

Create a User

Creates a user

Edit Ticket

Assigns fields to a ticket.

Ensure the user exists

Looks to see if the user exists. If the user does not exist, creates a new user.

Find a user

Finds a user by email address

Get Current Ticket Id

If Foqal has already created a ticket, this returns the ticket id.

Get Custom Field Option Text

Gets the text name or label for a custom field value.

Get Field Value

Gets the value of a field.

Remove Connection

Removes any connection that the current Foqal ticket has attached to the ticket.

Remove tags from a ticket

Removes tags from a ticket

Set Custom Field Value

Sets the value of a custom field.

Set Form Type

Sets the type of form

Set Priority

Sets the ticket priority

Set Ticket Type

Sets the type of ticket.

Set the brand

Updates a ticket setting the associated brand

Set the subject

Sets the subject of the ticket

Update Sharing Agreement

Add a sharing agreement

Update Status

Updates the ticket status

[Legacy] Create

Don't use this.