Akash Ganapathi

Akash is the Solutions Team Lead at JupiterOne - a Cybersecurity and Compliance platform. JupiterOne has been using Agent to support their customers in Slack and Email since December of 2020.

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"Customers love having Slack as a support tool. Having Agent just makes sense"

~Akash Ganapathi

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Why Akash doesn't worry

Before Agent, Akash was always worried about a customer’s Slack message falling through the cracks. He felt that no matter how hard he tried to track customer messages, eventually he was going to drop the ball. There was a sense of anxiety that he’d miss something and upset a customer.

After installing Agent, Akash says he is a lot more relaxed - he doesn’t worry that he is going to somehow upset a customer by forgetting to respond. Akash is never reminded by his customers about their issues anymore. Now Akash can see all outstanding threads/tickets and even remind customers about an issue they might have forgotten about. “Foqal is necessary for Slack based support.”

Stop worrying

Less Interruptions

Before, when a customer made a request, Akash had to drop everything and focus all of his energy on solving the customer issue. With no good way to let a customer know it will be handled later, he had no other choice but to message them as soon as possible. There was also no way of remembering to get back to a conversation, so he had to work the issue immediately. Akash tried marking conversations as unread and paying attention to which channels and threads he opened with hopes of not losing anything. “That’s not a real workflow, that’s a chaotic mess,” he says.

With Agent, Akash doesn’t have to drop everything anymore. He knows Agent created a ticket and already replied to the customer. Because “Messages are being tracked as tickets”, he can triage at a glance and work tickets in order of priority without fear of forgetting about them.

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Customers appreciate it

We asked Akash, what do your customers think about Agent? We were ecstatic to hear that his customers appreciate that "their request is not going to get lost in the fray of Slack,” and it helps “reassure we are on the way and that their message is important”. Customers still feel they are getting the same great personal access to Akash and his team. Akash and JupiterOne are able to build that great personal relationship with their customers through Slack, but at scale.

Overall Akash says “Customers love having Slack as a support tool. Having Agent just makes sense”

Give peace of mind

"Customers know the request is not going to get lost in the fray of Slack."

~Akash Ganapathi

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