Sarah Seiwert

Sarah serves as the Senior Manager of Community Support at Andela; through strategy, data, and empathy, she ensures Talents are supported through Andela's mission.

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With Foqal, we managed to transform a clunky, disjointed messaging experience into one of delight and ease


Sarah Seiwert
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The Challenge

Sarah Seiwert, Senior Manager of Community Support at Andela, had a clear mission: make the support experience smoother for their community of users. Before she arrived, the primary method of support at Andela was a Slack channel, which was messy and hard to manage.

The Old System

Before Foqal's introduction, Andela's support system operated primarily through Slack. While there was a tremendous sense of community on Slack, the support process itself was cumbersome. Important questions were posted on Slack, but there was no systematic way to track and address them. The internal IT team tried their best to manage these queries.

Things got a bit complicated when Andela tried integrating Zendesk, a ticketing system, to the mix. Instead of streamlining processes, it led to a series of challenges: one-way communication, lost threads, missed attachments, and a lot more. Support agents were constantly switching between platforms, leading to inefficiencies and frustration on both sides.

Get Rid of the Duct Tape

The Introduction of Foqal

Sarah knew a change was needed. Upon researching and seeking community advice, she discovered Foqal, a platform designed to bridge the communication gap between tools like Slack and Zendesk.

The Results

After integrating Foqal, the transformation was almost instantaneous:

  1. Time to First Reply: Andela saw a 72% reduction, which was significant. 
  2. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): It remained high at 99%, showcasing that the new system did not just improve efficiency but also maintained the quality of support. 
  3. Cost per Ticket: An astonishing 83% reduction in cost per ticket was observed, indicating massive efficiency improvements. 

The platform allowed two-way communication directly on Slack, ensuring that technologists didn't have to switch between platforms. The simplicity of Foqal meant that support could be proactive, responsive, and more aligned with users' needs.

Save Money and Make Customers Happy

Recommendations for Companies Looking to Adopt Message-Based Support

  1. Seek Simplicity: Users appreciate a straightforward system where they can get their issues addressed without jumping through hoops.
  2. Meet Users Where They Are: If your community is active on a platform like Slack or MS Teams, find solutions that enhance that experience instead of displacing it.
  3. Trust is Key: Maintaining a secure and private channel for users to voice their concerns can help in building trust.
  4. Data-Driven Decisions: Establish clear KPIs and monitor them. The insights can guide future improvements.

Start with Data Driven Decisions

Closing Thoughts

The Andela case study underscores the significance of adopting tools that resonate with user needs and preferences. By integrating Foqal, Andela not only streamlined its support operations but also reinforced its commitment to serving its community better.


Our talent (customers) love how quickly they can access an agent with their questions, so they can get back to what matters most... landing their next big contract at Andela!


Sarah Seiwert
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