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Vlad Shlosberg

Is it something about spring that makes people want to clean? Well since you are reading this, you might have noticed a new website look and feel. So why did we do this? Why spend all this time to update your site?

1. It was old - the last version was pretty modern at the time it was built, however that was a couple years ago. Since then styles have changed, UX has changed, everything has changed. However, this time we don’t plan to wait as long to update - we will be updating the site with insights, changing the UX to match the trends, and adding content that helps tell the Foqal story better.

2. One piece of feedback we heard was that navigation website navigation and content was a bit confusing. So we are trying to be better. We redesigned the navigation menus, changed the text on many of the pages to be more concise, and will be adding more animations, diagrams, and videos to help paint a better picture.

3. We wanted a space to start telling you more about Foqal, the product, Slack/Teams based support, how to get the most out of support, and everything we could to help the industry. So last month, we relaunched our blog. Together with the new site, we promise to write more telling you more about the Foqal product, the features, Slack support, and how we plan to change the world.

4. One question we often get is “Do you integrate with…” - so we launched our partner hub - check out to see some of the apps and services we integrate with and some of the partners we work with.

So we hope you enjoy the new site, let us know what you think, and as always - try out Foqal for Slack or MS Teams support today!

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