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It's Not Enough to Say You Are Secure, You Need External Validation

Vlad Shlosberg

Just saying that you have secure systems is not enough, you need external validation from a trusted third party. This is why we partnered with GRSEE to verify our security posture with a Penetration Test. The Penetration Test was performed in October of 2023 with 2 medium and 1 low findings. All findings have since been remediated and deployed. To see the full report, please visit our Security Resources page to request a copy of the 2023 Pen Test Executive Summary as well as many other resources, policies, and reports which help portray our security posture. We always say this and we will continue to do so - we understand the importance of the security and privacy of your data and we will do everything in our power to protect it and help you continue to grow your trust in Foqal.

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