Integrating Salesforce with Foqal offers a streamlined and efficient way to manage customer relationships and support. Users may want to integrate these two platforms to enhance productivity and collaboration among team members and eliminate the need to constantly switch between different platforms. By consolidating customer data and sales activities in one place, users can onboard customers and help customers realize value faster. Additionally, the integration enables users to have access to a wealth of information from both platforms, offering a comprehensive view of their customer base and previous cases.

The benefit of seeing information about Salesforce contacts and accounts in Foqal lies in the convenience and accessibility it provides. With the integration, users can easily access all relevant information about a contact, including their account details, communication history, and any ongoing or closed cases, all within the Foqal interface. This leads to a more organized and efficient workflow, as users can quickly reference pertinent information without needing to navigate between different applications. Furthermore, having all data in one place allows for better collaboration among team members, as they can work together on tasks, share insights, and keep customers happier for longer.

Foqal's automation capabilities provide numerous opportunities to automate tasks and synchronize data between Salesforce and Foqal bi-directionally. Users can set up automation rules to automatically add new contacts and cases in Salesforce, create custom objects based on specific triggers, and update existing records as needed. This ensures that both platforms remain up-to-date and provide accurate, real-time information. Additionally, users can leverage Foqal's automation features to streamline their workflows, reduce manual data entry, and eliminate the risk of errors. By automating repetitive tasks, users can focus on more critical aspects of their work, such as building relationships with customers and driving sales.

Available Actions

Add Connection

Attaches a case to a ticket.

Create Account

Create a new account

Create Contact

Create a new contact

Create a Case

Creates a case object

Create an Object

Creates a custom object

Delete an object

Deletes an object

Find Account

Find an account

Find Contact

Find Contact

Find User by Email

Finds a user by email

Find case by Case number

Finds case by case number and returns the case id

Get Case Owner

Gets the case owner user id

Get User by Id

Gets a user by ID

Get a field value

Gets the field value


Runs a general query in Salesforce and returns a result from the query from the parameter called value.

Remove Current Connection

Removes any connection that the current Foqal ticket has attached to a case.

Set a field value

Sets the field value
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