Partner Hero

PartnerHero provides customer operations outsourcing that’s built for the needs of early-stage, scaling, and high-growth businesses. We offer flexible terms, fast onboarding, and the ability to scale teams quickly. We help companies build financial resilience and extend their operational runway without sacrificing quality.

Our specialty is customer experience, and we offer services in the following areas:
• Customer support
• Trust & safety
• Content moderation
• Software QA
• AR/AP/General ledger

With offices around the world and over 2,000 employees, we offer truly global, 24/7 coverage in more than a dozen languages. Our exec team comes from the tech startup world, so we know what startups need and how to use CX to unlock your growth. Here’s what sets us apart:

Flexibility: We offer standard 30-day rolling contracts with no lock-in and the ability to scale quickly
Quality: Every program includes quality assurance and we provide dedicated QA managers to larger teams
Global reach: We have offices around the world, so we can provide onshore, nearshore, and offshore options for 24/7 coverage
Values aligned: We’re changing the outsourcing industry for the better by focusing on employee well-being and growth
Thought leadership: Our leaders have deep experience in both CX and startup operations so we can provide insights and guidance that help you grow

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