Enhanced User Security and Access Management in Slack & Teams with OneLogin Integration

Integrating OneLogin with Foqal streamlines user access and security management within Slack and Microsoft Teams. This fusion empowers users to optimize workflows while ensuring robust security measures. By leveraging Foqal's automation capabilities alongside OneLogin's identity management features, organizations can facilitate seamless access to essential resources precisely when needed. IT Support agents benefit from enriched user context, including details like manager, team, and department, directly in Slack and Teams, fostering more effective collaboration across departments. Furthermore, automation plays a pivotal role in streamlining various operational tasks, from approval workflows to security measures such as password resets and account lockouts. This integration not only enhances operational efficiency but also fortifies security protocols, ultimately fostering improved collaboration and bolstered security posture across the organization.

Available Actions

Add user to a role

Adds a user to a role

Create a user

Creates a new user in OneLogin

Get users in a Role

Get the list of users in a role

Get users manager

Get a users manager

Lock user account

Use this call to lock a user’s account based on the policy assigned to the user, for a specific time you define in the request, or until you unlock it.

Logout user

Calling this will terminate a users OneLogin session. This means that they will no longer be able to access to the OneLogin portal or initiate new SAML or OpenId Connect Single Sign On flows.

Remove user from role

Removes a user from a role

Send Invite Link

Send an invite link to an existing user in your OneLogin account. The user clicks the link to set their password and access your OneLogin portal.

Set User state

Removes a user from a role