One Login

Integrating OneLogin with Foqal can significantly streamline and enhance the user experience for both employees and administrators in an organization. OneLogin is a comprehensive identity and access management solution that centralizes all user information, making it easier to manage and secure access to various applications and resources. By integrating OneLogin with Foqal, users can leverage the robust capabilities of OneLogin's Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) features, ensuring a seamless and secure experience while accessing Foqal's ticketing platform. This integration effectively simplifies user management and allows for a more efficient and organized workflow.

Having access to information such as manager, team, and department while assisting an internal customer with their issues can be highly beneficial for support agents and employees. This helps create a more personalized and efficient support experience, as agents can quickly identify the user's role within the organization and tailor their assistance accordingly. Additionally, having this information readily available can help resolve any internal resource allocation or approval issues more efficiently, as agents can easily identify the appropriate managerial or departmental contact to escalate the matter to. This level of visibility ultimately leads to quicker issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Automation in Foqal can be a powerful tool for streamlining various internal processes and workflows. For example, Foqal can be configured to automatically look up a user's manager for approval workflows, ensuring a seamless and efficient software approval process. This can save time and effort for both employees and managers, as it eliminates the need for manual lookup and communication. Furthermore, with Foqal's automation capabilities, users can be easily added to roles, granting them access to relevant software and resources. In emergency situations, Foqal can even be used to lock user accounts, protecting sensitive information and mitigating potential security risks. These automation features not only save time and effort but also help maintain a secure and well-organized work environment.

Available Actions

Add user to a role

Adds a user to a role

Create a user

Creates a new user in OneLogin

Get users in a Role

Get the list of users in a role

Get users manager

Get a users manager

Lock user account

Use this call to lock a user’s account based on the policy assigned to the user, for a specific time you define in the request, or until you unlock it.

Logout user

Calling this will terminate a users OneLogin session. This means that they will no longer be able to access to the OneLogin portal or initiate new SAML or OpenId Connect Single Sign On flows.

Remove user from role

Removes a user from a role

Send Invite Link

Send an invite link to an existing user in your OneLogin account. The user clicks the link to set their password and access your OneLogin portal.

Set User state

Removes a user from a role