Integrating Okta with Foqal offers numerous benefits to users, making it a desirable option for many organizations. Having a centralized platform to manage user access, identity, and security is crucial for businesses of all sizes, and Okta provides just that. By integrating Okta with Foqal, users can streamline their workflows, enhance security, and improve overall productivity. Foqal's Automation platform, coupled with Okta's powerful identity management capabilities, will enable users to access the right information and tools at the right time, ultimately driving better decision-making and problem-solving.

The ability to see information such as manager, team, and department while assisting an internal customer with their issues is incredibly advantageous. This information provides context to the support agent, allowing them to better understand the user's role, responsibilities, and potential impact on the organization. With this insight, the agent can tailor their approach and offer more relevant and targeted assistance, ensuring that the user's concerns are addressed efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, having access to this information promotes better collaboration between departments and teams, as the support agent can easily loop in relevant stakeholders if necessary.

Automation in Foqal is a powerful tool that can significantly improve various aspects of an organization's daily operations. By using automation to look up managers for approval workflows, Foqal can automatically send approval requests to managers and then take action in Okta such as provisioning access to the software. Automation can also be employed for resetting MFA, resetting passwords, and locking user accounts in emergency situations, which helps improve security and protect sensitive data. Overall, integrating Okta with Foqal enables organizations to leverage automation for a wide range of activities, ultimately leading to more efficient processes, better collaboration, and enhanced security.

To help set up Okta, please use the following steps: https://support.foqal.io/answers/urn%3Afq%3Aarticle%3Af4dc449be7f448faaf87824d15561dde

Available Actions

Activate User

This operation can only be performed on users with a STAGED or DEPROVISIONED status. Activation of a user is an asynchronous operation.

Add user to a group

Adds a user to a group

Add user to a group (Manual)

Adds a user to a group with a manual user group selector.

Create User without credentials

Creates a new user without a password or recovery questions. If appropriate, when the user is activated, an email is sent to the user with an activation token that the user can use to complete the activation process. This is the default flow for new user registration using the administrator UI.

Deactivate User

Deactivates the user

Delete User

Deletes a user permanently. This operation can only be performed on users that have a DEPROVISIONED status. This action cannot be recovered!

Expire Password

This operation transitions the user status to PASSWORD_EXPIRED so that the user is required to change their password at their next login. If tempPassword is included in the request, the user's password is reset to a temporary password that is returned, and then the temporary password is expired.

Find group

Finds a user group

Get User Property

Get a property from okta about the user. For example the title, some custom field, location, etc.

Get users in a group

Get the list of users in a group

Get users in a group by Id

Get the list of users in a group by the group id.

Get users manager

Get a users manager

Get users manager by email

Get a users manager by email

Is a user in a group

Checks if a user is in a given group

Reactivate User

This operation can only be performed on users with a PROVISIONED status. This operation restarts the activation workflow if for some reason the user activation was not completed when using the activationToken from Activate User.

Remove user from a group

Removes a user from the OKTA group

Remove user from application

Removes an assignment for a user from an application

Reset Factors

This operation resets all factors for the specified user. All MFA factor enrollments returned to the unenrolled state. The user's status remains ACTIVE. This link is present only if the user is currently enrolled in one or more MFA factors.

Reset Password

Resets a users password

Suspend User

This operation can only be performed on users with an ACTIVE status. The user has a status of SUSPENDED when the process is complete.

Unlock User

Unlocks a user with a LOCKED_OUT status and returns them to ACTIVE status. Users will be able to login with their current password.

Unsuspend User

Unsuspends a user and returns them to the ACTIVE state.