is a widely popular project management tool employed by teams and organizations to organize, track, and manage work. With a highly visual and intuitive interface, allows users to create customizable workflows to manage a wide array of tasks and projects. Teams can set up boards to represent projects, with columns to track various task attributes such as status, due dates, owners, and priorities. Items, which represent individual tasks or pieces of work, are added to these boards and moved through different stages of the workflow, often visualized as a Kanban board or a Gantt chart. especially excels at collaboration, enabling multiple team members to contribute to tasks, share updates, and communicate effectively all within the platform.

Foqal Agent's integration with brings intelligent automation to this potent project management environment. It expands on the tracking capabilities of by enabling automated actions within the platform. With Foqal Agent acting as a bridge, users can create and complete items on their boards directly from their conversational interface within Slack or Microsoft Teams. This integration streamlines workflow management by allowing tickets and requests to be transformed into trackable work items on without the need to switch contexts. With the proper configuration, Foqal Agent can read the contents of a request in the messaging platform and appropriately assign, label, and prioritize the new item in, thus initiating a seamless workflow.

The union of Foqal Agent and creates a powerful workflow engine to automate tasks and efficiently distribute work across team boundaries. As requests are submitted through Foqal Agent, they can be converted into structured items on pertinent boards. This automation sets the stage for a fluid handoff to other teams within an organization who rely on for task management. For example, a user could request IT support or HR assistance through a message in Slack or Microsoft Teams, and that request would automatically be converted into a new item in the respective team's board on The result is a true cross-functional workflow that minimizes manual entry, reduces errors, and speeds up response times by ensuring that all requests are captured accurately and directed to the right team for action.

Available Actions

Create Item & SubItem and Update

Creates a new item and posts an update

Create Item and Update

Creates a new item and posts an update

Create Update

Creates a new update

Create item

Create a new item