Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure AD is a cloud-based identity and access management service that provides a single sign-on and identity management solution for cloud applications. It allows organizations to manage and control user access to different resources, applications, and services within their Azure environment. With Azure AD, administrators can create and manage user accounts, assign roles and permissions, and create groups to control access to resources and applications.

Foqal Agent integrates with Microsoft Azure AD to automate various actions related to user and group management. Through this integration, Foqal Agent is able to create new user accounts in Azure AD when a request is made, ensuring that the necessary access permissions and roles are granted to the user automatically. Similarly, when a user is deactivated or no longer requires access, Foqal Agent can update the user's status in Azure AD and revoke their access rights.

This integration with Azure AD allows organizations to fully automate common IT tasks such as onboarding and offboarding employees. Foqal Agent can automatically create user accounts, assign necessary permissions, and provision access to resources based on predefined rules and workflows. Similarly, access requests can be securely managed through Foqal Agent, ensuring that users are granted the appropriate access to resources and applications in a timely manner. Additionally, group management tasks, such as creating new

Available Actions

Add User to Group

Adds a user to a group

Create Group

Creates a new group

Create user

Creates a new user

Get User's manager

Gets a users manager

Get user property

Gets a single property for a user such as name, job title, phone number, etc.

Is user in a group

Checks if a user is in a group. If they are, the task will result in true.

Remove user from group

Removes a user from a group

Update User Property

Updates a user property