Integrating Kandji with Foqal Agent can greatly benefit IT administrators by streamlining their workflow and improving overall efficiency. By combining the powerful device management capabilities of Kandji with Foqal's customer support ticketing system, you can ensure that your team stays on top of customer requests and maintains a high level of satisfaction. This integration allows you to access valuable device information and take necessary actions without having to switch between multiple platforms, making your job easier and more efficient.

Some of the most important actions that you can take from Foqal without logging into Kandji include locking a device, shutting down a device, reinstalling the Kandji agent, resetting a device, setting a device name, unlocking an account on a specific device, and many more. This means that you can quickly address any issues your customers may be experiencing and resolve their problems without having to leave the Foqal interface or completely automate it away using Foqal's automation features. Having this level of control at your fingertips streamlines your workflow and helps you provide better and faster support to your customers.

Additionally, being able to view device and application data from Kandji directly in Foqal Agent further enhances your capabilities as an IT administrator. This integration provides you with a comprehensive overview of your users' devices and applications, allowing you to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions when needed. You can quickly identify any potential issues and resolve them before they escalate, ensuring that your users remain satisfied and safe. By integrating Kandji with Foqal Agent, you can simplify your workflow, improve customer support, and ultimately boost your team's productivity.

Available Actions

Lock Device

Locks the device

Reinstall Agent

Reinstalls the Kandji agent on a device

Reset Device

Reset the device

Send Blank Push

Sends a blank push notification

Set Device Name

Specify the name and reset it.

Shutdown Device

Shuts down the device

Unlock Account Device

Unlocks the user on a specific device.