Integrating Hubspot with Foqal Agent can offer you numerous advantages, helping you streamline your customer support processes while boosting your CRM capabilities. Hubspot is a powerful CRM tool designed to assist you in managing your customer relationships effectively, while Foqal Agent excels at handling customer support tickets originating in Slack and Microsoft Teams. By combining these two platforms, you can ensure that your customer requests and inquiries are addressed efficiently, and your support teams have access to all relevant customer data when resolving their concerns. This integration ultimately leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased retention rates for your business.

Having access to rich data in Foqal in real-time from the Hubspot record is a significant benefit of this integration. When your customer support agents can access as much data as possible while interacting with a customer, they can provide personalized and tailored support, leading to a more positive customer experience. This comprehensive view of customer information allows your agents to understand the customer's history and preferences, enabling them to address any issues more knowledgeably. Furthermore, real-time data access ensures that your agents are equipped with the most up-to-date information, allowing them to make better decisions and provide accurate solutions to customer inquiries.

Another notable advantage of integrating Hubspot with Foqal Agent is the ability to view Foqal Agent tickets within Hubspot. This feature enables you to centralize your customer support data and CRM information, making it easier for your support and sales teams to collaborate and share information. When support tickets are visible in Hubspot, your sales team can better understand the challenges and concerns faced by their customers, allowing them to cater to their needs more effectively. Additionally, having access to support tickets in Hubspot can help you identify trends and recurring issues, enabling you to develop targeted solutions and improve your products or services. This seamless flow of information between Foqal Agent and Hubspot results in a more coherent and efficient approach to customer relationship management, ultimately benefiting both your business and your customers.

Available Actions

Create a Ticket

Creates a new ticket

Get Company Field

Gets a field from the company record

Get Company for Contact

Finds the company associated with the contact.

Get Contact Field

Gets a field from the contact record

Look up Company

Find information about a specific company

Update Company

Updates a contact record value

Update Contact

Updates a contact record value

Update Ticket Pipeline

Updates a ticket pipeline and stage

Update a ticket field

Updates a ticket field
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