Enhanced User Security and Access Management in Slack & Teams with Google Admin Integration

Google Admin is a robust tool designed to help system administrators manage all things related to Google Workspace. Providing a single interface for admin tasks, it is typically used to add users, manage devices, and configure security settings. Google Admin's granular control over user and group management makes it a favorite among IT administrators. It enables the setting up of users and groups, determining their levels of access, and managing their permissions. This tool helps streamline the process of managing the digital environment for businesses, schools, and other organizations.

Foqal Agent amplifies the power of Google Admin by integrating its services for automating administrative tasks. This automation platform communicates with Google's system to effectively manage users and groups without the need for manual intervention. Foqal Agent can be programmed to create, delete, and modify user accounts, handle password changes, and manage group memberships. This integration provides a streamlined approach to fulfilling IT administrative duties, saving significant time and effort. It creates a more efficient and responsive IT management workflow.

With the Foqal Agent and Google Admin integration, common IT tasks such as employee onboarding/offboarding and access requests become streamlined and automated. Notably, Foqal Agent facilitates approvals for software access, allowing managers to approve or deny requests within set workflows. Thus, the software access process is fully automated, relieving the IT teams of manual interventions. This refines IT functions, enabling them to focus more on strategic decisions and less on administrative tasks.

Foqal Agent's use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Available Actions

Add user to a group

Adds the specified user to the specified group.

Create a User

Creates a new user in Google with the specified email, name, and personal email address. You can also specify a temporary password. If you do not specify a password, a random password will be selected and provided as the output of this task.

Create a group

Creates a new Google group. You can specify the name, description, and email address (for an email distribution group)

Delete Group

Deletes the specified group

Find Group

Finds a group by domain and returns the ID

Get a group by email

Gets a group id from the group email

Get users group membership

Checks if a user is in a group and returns the users role in that group.

Get users manager

If added to the connections section of a Google user profile, this action will find the specified user's manager and return the associated manager.

Remove user from group

Removes a user from the given group

Update a users group membership

Updates the users role (such as owner, member, manager) in the specified group.