Common Room

Foqal Agent integrates seamlessly with Common Room to enhance the user experience and streamline workflows. With this integration, Foqal Agent users can access member and organization information directly from their Foqal dashboard. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, saving time and improving efficiency.

Foqal Agent also allows users to automate actions such as adding tags and segments based on specific criteria. This integration with Common Room enables users to automatically tag and segment members based on their interactions and activities. This not only simplifies the process of organizing and categorizing members but also enables targeted messaging and personalized support.

Furthermore, the integration between Foqal Agent and Common Room enables users to fully automate common support tasks such as member management. Users can set up automated workflows to handle tasks like onboarding and offboarding members, updating their information, and managing access requests. This automation not only reduces manual effort but also ensures consistency and accuracy in managing member data and support processes. Overall, the integration between Foqal Agent and Common Room provides a seamless and efficient solution for community management and support tasks.

Available Actions

Add note to user

Adds a note to a community member

Add tag to user

Adds a tag to a community member

Get User Property

Gets a given property for a single user.

Set Custom Field

Sets a custom field value

Set segment

Sets a segment for a user