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Tool time with Craig Stoss @ PartnerHero

Craig Stoss

This is a guest blog from Craig Stoss, the Director of CX Transformation Delivery at PartnerHero

Engaging with your customers where they already like to communicate is a key component of a great CX strategy, and for a growing number of businesses that means offering support through Slack. While pretty new to external customer support use cases, internal IT and developer support has been done via Slack for years.

However, one of the major downsides of using Slack is that when you have hundreds of customers across multiple channels (including individual channels for each customer), it's hard to make sure your agents are monitoring and picking up requests, or following up on multi-day conversations. As we all know, missing critical requests leads to frustrated customers.

One app that's solving these pain points is Foqal, which integrates Slack with help desk tools such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and Intercom. Slack messages can be captured as tickets in your help desk with just a click.

All the important details are tracked in your usual ticket system, which means you can measure responses, handle time, volume, and other key metrics while working directly out of Slack.

In addition to Slack messages from customers automatically turning into tickets, you can also:

  • Create tickets from inside Slack
  • Post automated messages with links to documents or hours of operation
  • Automate common workflows
  • Add internal notes, tags, and gather CSAT survey results directly from Slack
  • Create dashboards that break down metrics by customers, custom fields, and other views
  • Insert articles as Slack attachments

For users who don't have a help desk system, Foqal also has a built-in ticketing tool.

Slack communities are becoming a more common way to create a deeper relationship with your customers, so if your brand is considering Slack as a support channel, check out Foqal as a way to streamline that process!

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