"Customers are willing to spend 17% more to do business with companies that deliver excellent service"

American Express 2017 Consumer Service Barometer

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Human Touch

By deflecting and automating customer requests, not only does your team have more time to focus only on the challenging customer issues, but also to create proactive guides and articles for common issues, and to proactively contact customers with upsells opportunities.

How do we let your your agents be even more effective? Using our 3rd party integrations, we centralize all requests from across your channels in Slack, email, chat, etc. By integrating with your systems of record like Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, Segment, etc, we can give your support and success agents an overall customer story, notes, reports, purchase history, and AI based analytics and sentiment analysis. With more customer context, agents spend less time understanding the customer issue and more time providing an amazing, personalized, and tailored support experience.

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Save Time

Spend less time ramping up, less time answering repeat questions, and less time manually dealing with customer channels.

Be Proactive

Help customers before they even know they need help. Use Foqal for Enterprise to do it at scale.

More Revenue

According to Gartner Group 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.

Start Creating Advocates

By giving all of your customers an excellent support experience that is personalized to each of them, is proactive, and has a human touch, you are not just creating happy customers - you are creating loving, advocates that will deliver 80% of your company's future revenue.

Start Creating Advocates