Ben Robertson

Ben is the Engineering Manager of Customer Success at Gatsby - the fastest frontend for the modern web. Ben and his team have been using Agent to support his customers in Slack since February of 2021.

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"[With Agent] feels now like Slack is a viable support option that we can commit to, where before it felt like a liability."

~Ben Robertson

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Ben hits his metrics

The customers Ben brings to Slack are the biggest and some of his most important ones. So when Gatsby makes SLA promises, he needs to make sure they are met. For months, Ben has been attempting to hit a 90%+ time to first reply SLA adherence and for months Ben was struggling. The biggest challenge is agents tend to only create tickets for the tougher requests, meaning, many tickets aren't getting captured and SLA measurements are inaccurate.

In the first month of using Foqal Agent, Ben's team beat the target - hitting 91% SLA adherence. Ben also discovered his ticket volume double. Because all customer requests were now being captured, he realized that 50% of the work they were doing was never being ticketed or measured. With the added metrics, Ben understands the work coming from paid support, is able to measure and show what his team has accomplished, and even predict headcount expansion.

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Ben is Confident

Ben believes that the goal of having a support Slack channel is responsiveness and access to the Team. Historically, It was always hard for the team to figure out who is going to respond to what. Ben had strategies to assign different owners to different channels and customers, but what happens when someone takes a day off and how does it scale?

Now Ben says he feels proud that when he invites someone into Slack they are going to get the great experience they were promised. He feels confident that anytime a message comes from a customer, it will get a response or it will be absolutely clear when it doesn't. Ben summarizes that "[Agent] feels now like Slack is a viable support option that we can commit to, where before it felt like a liability."

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Generates support revenue

In the past, Slack support was always part of a higher product tier. With Agent, this has opened up an opportunity to sell support as its own offering. Because his workflow doesn't change he can sell this dedicated support products as much as possible. And with the added metrics, he knows exactly how much revenue he is generating from these contracts, what his team is accomplishing, and even understand the common questions that enterprise customers are asking. This allows Gatsby to generate more revenue while creating better customer relationships or in Ben's words "its enabled us to sell more paid support with higher confidence".

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"It's enabled us to sell more paid support with higher confidence."

~Ben Robertson

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